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Spirit Of Freedom: Cairns Outer Reef And Ribbon Reef Liveaboard

The Spirit of Freedom is the only Liveaboard dive boat that sails a set itinerary that includes the Great Barrier Reef’s outer reefs, the famous Ribbon Reefs and the Osprey Reef.  Their seven day trip departs Cairns Trinity wharf at noon each Monday and returns the following week at 7am Monday morning. Over the course of the week you will have the opportunity to dive 26 times including a number of night dives. The Osprey Reef is 220 km off shore and are  a high adventure activity for experience divers. Divers who are not advance divers with experience should not travel to the Osprey reef, they can however take the Spirit of Freedom on the first three days of the journey and leave the ship at Lizard island for a special flight back to Cairns.  Divers may also join the ship at Lizard Island to enjoy a 4 day trip that includes the two days on the Osprey reef.

Three Day Cairns To Lizard Island By Way Of The Outer Reefs And Ribbon Reefs

Check in to the Spirit on Monday between 11:00am and 11:30 am, so you are all set for an on time departure at noon headed towards the outer reefs and your first of 11 dives in the next three days. Over lunch you will get to meet your fellow divers and the crew. Shortly thereafter it the dive brief and a check out dive on one of the outer reefs. Most of the time the dives are on Hasting reef. Hasting is one of the larger reefs in the Great Barrier Reef park and offers a wide variety of dive sites.

After dinner you will dive the site a second time, this time a twilight or night dive. It is always best to do a night dive on a dive site that you have been on before. It gives you a little familiarity of the site but it also highlights how much different a reef can become in just a few hours time. Overnight you will travel to the upper Ribbon Reefs. The next two days are set exploring the ribbon Reef #9 and #10. These are perhaps the two most famous reefs in the Great Barrier Reefs and Ribbon #10 is home to the famous Cod Hole dive site.  Tuesday Night is another night dive, you will dive four or five dives a day on these two days at the Upper Ribbons. Wednesday night is an evening of relaxation and a BBQ while anchored in Watson Bay of Lizard Island. Thursday morning gives the guest time to hike a little in Lizard Island National Park. Those guest that are leaving at this point will end their walk at the airstrip.

Four Day Lizard Island To Cairns By Way Of Osprey And Ribbon Reefs

Those who are joining the vessel at Lizard Island for the four day leg will fly to the island in the morning. Those who are continuing on the trip and those joining it, will board the Spirit of Freedom before lunch. While having lunch the Spirit will be headed towards Ribbon Reef #10 for two afternoon dives. Overnight the vessel will head towards the Osprey reef. Friday and Saturday is spent diving this isolated reef.  The Osprey Reef is a submerged volcanic mountain top. The top of the mountain is just a few meters below the surface in places, however the walls are steep drop off over a thousand meters. Visibility often extends more than 100 meters. The reefs are an isolated system and the pelagic species visit often to feed on the abundant reef fish. Sharks and Rays are two of the more prominent larger species on the reef, in fact, the reef is a primary site for studying sharks. There are four or five dives a day including a night dive. Saturday night the Spirit of Freedom will depart the Osprey reef and head back towards Cairns. Ribbon Reef #3 will be the destination for Sunday the last day of diving. Their is a number of outstanding dive sites on this reef.

Spirit Of Freedom Ship Information

At 37 meter long 7.2 meter wide, The Spirit of Freedom provides an outstanding experience for her 26 guest. A total of 11 different cabins between two decks provide a comfortable sleeping arrangements. The Spirit of Freedom main deck features the dining area and a lounge that is forward. The upper deck is both the bridge deck and the sun deck. Interior spaces are air condition. The on-board chef prepares Aussie style cuisine.