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Coral Sea Dreaming A Sailing Diving Liveaboard

Liveaboard Sailing there is something majestic about being under sail, moving along under the power of the wind, watching the waves around you, possible a dolphin racing alongside keeping you company. The “Coral Sea Dreaming” can give you that majestic feeling. The “Coral Sea Dreaming” is a 16 meter ketch made of steel. A ketch is a vessel with two masts for sails the larger being in front. She sails on a two day one night journey to the outer reefs for scuba diving, snorkeling or to just enjoy the water. Ideal for those who want to enjoy the sailing as much as the water, she takes a maximum of 12 guest on board.


The “Coral Sea Dreaming” has two sets of outer reef destinations that can be sailed to based on the weather. When the wind is calm, she heads east towards Flynn Reef. Flynn reef has a number of outstanding dive sites where 30 meter visibility is common. Flynn reef is as shallow as 5 meters making it a wonderful site for snorkelers, novice divers and those doing an introduction dive. It also does have drop offs that extend down to 30 meters. The wall at these drop-offs are alive with a wide range of corals. Both those in shallow water and those that are deeper will perhaps see some of the small reef sharks and turtles that call the reef home. Schools of Pelagic fish will frequently visit from the nearby deeper water. While lunch is being served, and your surface interval counting down, the Coral Sea Dreaming moves to a second reef. Generally the Milne Reef and perhaps the Three sister dive site will be next. The Three sisters site is one of the most popular sites because it is so versatile that everyone can find that they like here. Three sister refers to three coral Bommie that sit next to each other in 30 meters of water. The top of the reefs are about 5 meters down. While some day boats visit the reef they are generally gone by the time that the Coral Sea Dreaming get there. So you will have the reef to yourself, especially for the twilight dive which will be your second dive on the site.  Before Breakfast the next morning, it time for a sunrise dive. Breakfast will have the boat moving to another location for a couple of morning dives before heading back in the early afternoon.

In weather where the wind is strong, she heads north east towards Hasting Reef. Hasting reef is one of the largest barrier reefs and offers some of the best diving on the planet. Additional diving will be done at other locations including sites on Michaelmas Reef and Paradise Reef.

Regardless if you are going to the northern or southern group of reefs the diving is outstanding. With only 12 guest on board there is a great deal of interaction between the crew and the guest. This leads to an itinerary of dive sites that can be tailored to the divers and snorkelers on board.

More About The Coral Sea Dreaming

As mentioned she is a sailing ketch, so expect some spaces like the cabins to be a little crowded. However, she is large enough and with enough deck space and enclosed public area so that the feeling is one of cozy and not cramp. On-line reviews at different websites give this overnight Sailing Liveaboard very outstanding comments, the crew is highly praised by past guest and the food is often described as wonderful. So if you are looking for some sailing and some diving or snorkeling, this may just be the boat for you.

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