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Mike Ball’s Spoilsport

The name of “Mike Ball” is legendary in the Liveaboard diving industry, so much so he has been inducted into the scuba diving hall of fame for his ground breaking innovations in Liveaboard diving vacations. Many in the diving industry of Australia also recognize him as a driving force in the industry and along with the Taylor’s responsible for the high visibly and respect that the Great Barrier Reef has as a diving location. While the Taylor’s created documentaries that excited not only the diver but the general public as well, Mike Ball was establishing dive sites and a network of Liveaboards that brought thousands of divers to previous little dived locations. World economic problems say a drop in Liveaboard diving and the Mike Ball organization scaled down. They concentrated their efforts on the best product they had. The three, four and seven day sailings of the Spoilsport from Cairns to the Osprey reef and back by way of the Ribbon Reefs and Lizard Island. While a few Liveaboards visit the Ribbon Reefs or the Osprey Reef, the seven day itinerary has more dives on these two offerings then any other Liveaboard. The seven day dive cruise can be separated into either a three day or four day Liveaboard adventures.

Four Day Fly Dive Coral Reef Adventure

The Spoilsport departs from Cairns Trinity Wharf every Thursday evening at 6pm. The first segment of the seven day trip can be taken as a four day Fly Dive adventure. The first evening while you are enjoying your meals and getting to know the crew and other divers the Spoilsport starts a 150 mile journey to arrive by the early morning at one of the best and most famous coral reefs in the world. Ribbon Reef #10. Ribbon Reef #10 is the home of the Cod Hole dive site, known for the man size Potato Cod who hang out at the site. The Snake pit the home to Olive sea snakes and the Cod Wall are also on this reef. Overnight you will travel again this time to the Osprey reef 75 miles out in the middle of nowhere. Conditions permitting your fist stop will be Fairy Grotto, a reef wall site with numerous swim through and small caverns. 100 meter visibility is not uncommon on this site. Two days on the different dive sites of the Osprey will have you an expert at diving with large sharks and other large pelagic that come to the site to feed. Sunday night, the Spoilsport heads back to the Great Barrier Reef and pass the Ribbon Reefs to Lizard Island. Monday morning those who took the four day segment go ashore to catch a plane back to Cairns. Those continuing on for the full seven days will have a morning to explore the National Park on Lizard Island.

Three Day Fly Dive Cod Hole

When the incoming guest have arrived and all are back on board, the Spoilsport will start its three day journey back to Cairns. First stop is again Ribbon Reef #10. While the Cod Hole dive site may be repeated the other dive sites for the day will likely be different from the first part of the trip. The second day will find the Spoilsport near the mid range of the Ribbon Reef. The last day at sea will bring you to the area of Ribbon Reef #3. Your diving may include such famous and outstanding sites as: Steve’s Bommie, Pixie Garden, Temple of Doom, Pixie Pinnacle, Challenger Bay and Lighthouse Bommie.


The Spoilsport is a custom built 30 meter long diving vessel, The vessel has fourteen cabins in a twin hull design. Interior spaces are all air conditioned with ample public spaces. The dive deck is very spacious with storage areas for each diver. Nitrox is available on-board.