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4 Day Liveaboard, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef

4-day-liveaboard - great barrier reef dive

The 4 Day Liveaboard  MV Reef Encounter can be the answer to where to have your next dive vacation. The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is clearly one of the best places to dive in the world. Even narrowing down your vacation to the GBR leaves a wide range of destinations and even within destinations a variety of options.  The best around diving on the Great Barrier Reef is in the Cairns area. The Cairns area offers divers easy daily access to outer barrier reefs.  Liveaboard boats, such as the MV Reef Encounter, provided a more intense experience with extended access to the reefs.

The MV Reef Encounter The Best Choice For Most Divers And Non-divers

While the MV Reef Encounter is available for stays of one night or more, most people find that the three night/ four day stay is the best option. The MV Reef Encounter is not a typical Liveaboard, while it does have all the features desired in a Liveaboard dive facility, including a dedicated diving area, compressors and highly qualified staff, it also has the features of a boutique hotel. She is a 35 meter long catamaran with 21 luxury ocean view staterooms. Built on a design of a mega-yacht there is ample public spaces including a dinning/ lounge area, sun deck, hot tub and helipad. A typical four day  visit starts with a morning transfer from Cairns to the MV Reef Encounter on the daily dive luxury catamaran, MV Reef Experience. Using the Reef Experience as a transfer vessel allows you to join any day that you wish and to stay as many days that you want. With a breakfast served on the Reef Experience, you arrive before 10am ready for the vacation of your life. There is time before lunch to get settled into your stateroom and go snorkeling. Most days, the captain will use the lunch hour to move the vessel to another reef. After lunch you will receive your dive briefing and have your first of two afternoon dives. Snorkelers and other Non-divers are given the opportunity during their stay for a free introductory dive. They will be given an orientation and plans can be made when would be best for them to experience the underwater world of the diver. Before dinner there is time to relax  and off gas getting ready for your next dive. After dinner diver are given a briefing for their twilight/night dive.

Evening On The Reef

While divers will have a very satisfying experience on daily dive boats such as the MV Reef Experience or from Compass Cruise, A Liveaboard will bring an extra dimension to your diving. A daily vessel will provide you with five or six gorgeous hours on the reefs, while a Liveaboard will provide you an 24 hour experience. Night diving is one reason why you should stay overnight on the reef.  Like Las Vegas, the reef never sleeps. While the day residences hide away to sleep, those that sleep in the day come out. Hundreds of species are more active at night than they are at the day, and when they come out the larger marine life that feed on them also come out. First time night divers are astonished on how more colorful the reef is at night. There are two reasons for this. First corals open like a flower bud at night to take better advantage of the night currents. The other is the light source. At night you are holding a hand held flashlight/torch. It is the only major source of light and you are close to the items you are looking at. During the day, daylight is the source of the light, however, it is filtered as it goes to depth. Within even a few feet the color blue is being filtered out of the light. This causes the marine life to appear dull. The distance between your torch and the coral is short so the filtering effect is not noticeable.  Dawn and twilight are the most active times on the reef as both the day and night shifts are present. Day boats can not give you these experiences.

After the diving is done for the day and you unwind from your superior diving, there is time for desert and if you like a cocktail or two. As the evening wears on and the boats lights are dimmed, another aspect of staying overnight on the reef comes into play. Soon your eyes will become adjusted to the dimmer lighting and you will be amazed at the amount of stars in the heavens above you. You can look into the crystal clear water and see the marine life attracted to the boats dim underwater lights, and out beyond the range of the lights you may see eerie ghost like figures moving around the waters. This glowing moving object may be a shark, a ray or any of the larger marine species. As it moves through the water it touches microscopic phytoplankton which glows when touched. Far from the trappings and sounds of civilization you experience peace at sea.

Good Morning Great Barrier Reef

Prepare yourself for an early morning start and enjoy another stunning Great Barrier Reef event, sunrise on the reef. The first dive of the day is around sunrise, the busiest time of day on the reef. It is an experience that can not be described just experienced. On your second and third day, you can experience four dives from a schedule of six water sessions. Except for the night dive, it you do not dive a session, you are free to snorkel if you wish. The morning includes the sunrise dive and two additional water sessions, while the rest of the day is similar as your first day. Your fourth day, starts the same with the sunrise water session breakfast and two more water sessions before lunch. After lunch there is time for a snorkeling session, before transferring to the MV Reef Experience for your trip back to Cairns.

Other Things To Consider

While the 4 day Liveaboard experience is clearly a special vacation, there are a few options that can enhance it even further.

  • Top Deck Club: A special service that goes a step beyond. Perfect for a honeymoon or for those who like to be pampered. Extra attention from the moment you arrive at Cairns dock or picked up at your hotel to the time you return. Includes a dedicated crew member to look after your needs in and out of the water, special dining privileges, and a host of other features
  • Open Water training. In a four day visit you can take your open water training and become a certified diver, certified in waters that most divers just dream about their entire life.
  • Dive course, other training is available on-board including advance adventure training and the stress and rescue course

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